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Speed up processes and simplify HR administration


A simpler admissions process
for both you and the candidate

Signing digital documents

Automation of repetitive tasks

Simple workflow

Integration into HR systems

OKdokument in Human Resources

A digital-only HR agenda turns pages of paper, complex handling and multiple signatures into a sleek, automated and fast process.

An employment contract is a basic type of document in the HR agenda, it has a large number of pages and must be produced in several copies. Process this agenda in a digital environment faster with electronic signatures.

Saving time, digitalisation, legal binding, real-time overview.

How is OKdokument used in HR?

Staffing agency and internal human resources department, from recruiting to offboarding.
Eliminate the paperwork that is created because of physical signatures.


Online signing during face-to-face meetings

Internal document preparation

Document submission on a touchscreen device

Handwritten electronic signature

Digital distribution

Notification of signature and change of status


Integration into IT systems for human resources

HR software generates document

Handwritten electronic signature

Document approval record

Change of statuses in HR and other systems

Automatic start of processes

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What documents do HR professionals sign via OKdokument?

Employment contract

Agreement to perform work

Agreement to change the employment contract

Salary decree

Addendum to the contract

Handover protocol

Confirmation of completed training

Mandate contract

Document security

  • A certificate issued on the basis of the European Union Trust List (EUTL) guarantees the validity of every signature in the OKdokument service.
  • Protection against post-signature changes according to art. PAdES standard
  • Compliant with EU eIDAS and GDPR legislation


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