How to get rid of paper in the office? An innovative online signature will help


Did you know that in the US alone, companies spend more than $ 120 billion a year on printed forms? In addition, statistics show that people working in offices spend 30-40% of their time searching for paper documents in stackers. Does that sound scary to you?

Then you should pay attention to the modern trend - paperless offices. What sounded like a utopia in the past is a common reality today. Digitization of paper documents is really easy thanks to advanced technologies and does not require high investments.

What should you do if you decide to set up a paperless office and what role does an online electronic signature play in this regard?


If you want to get rid of paper in your office, the first step is to adjust your daily processes. Try disabling your printer for a week and you'll quickly find out which procedures need to be modified.

Transition to cloud solutions

Most paperless companies use shared cloud storage, through which multiple people can access individual documents. They can check and adjust them in a matter of seconds, without the need for hard work.

Use of portable devices

Desktop computers are the enemy of paperless offices. For example, if you create a document and want to present it to colleagues at a meeting, you cannot show it to them on your computer. If you don't use an online file-sharing platform, you have no choice but to print it. Laptops and tablets, which bring more flexibility, are a good solution in this regard.


Even if you set your company's internal processes to be completely digital, this does not mean that others will automatically adapt to them. Fortunately, you can communicate online with government institutions today, without paperwork. However, you can't do without a qualified electronic signature and ID card with a chip.

Documents from the offices will then be sent to your e-mail, not to your mailbox. In addition, you can handle many requests or notifications online. Although this service is not perfect and has its shortcomings, if you want to get rid of paperwork in the company, it is definitely worth using.


A qualified electronic signature is one thing, but if you want to quickly and carefree sign various contracts, applications and other documents for your business partners or customers, use OKdokument e-signature. This brings several valuable benefits.

No more printing and scanning!

Imagine that a business partner sends you a contract to sign. If you followed outdated methods, you would first print it, then sign it, scan it, and send it back. You would spend a lot of time doing that, it would cost you money, and you wouldn't be exemplary in terms of ecology either.

OKdokument electronic signature online allows you to sign documents in digital form without any printing. And in a matter of seconds! How to sign a PDF online? The procedure is simple. All you have to do is register for free, upload the documents to your account, sign them and send them.

Safety comes first

Of course, online document signing must be secure. Digital signature OKdokument complies with European Union rules for authentication, trusted services and electronic signatures. A certificate issued on the basis of the EUTL guarantees the validity of each signature, while complying with all measures regarding the protection of personal data.

Last but not least, the electronic signature OKdokument locks the contents of the document. For example, there is no risk that someone will modify the wording of the signed contract. So don't hesitate and set up your own paperless office! You can find more information about our services HERE.