Why switch to e-signature? Learn about its main advantages


Are you tired of classic paper documents, their constant searching, filing, signing and sending? Nowadays, you can practically avoid them altogether. Just use an online electronic signature, which brings several valuable benefits! 

Although at first glance, paper documents may seem like something harmless and hassle-free, it's only when you work with them on a day-to-day basis that you realise that they actually come with a number of drawbacks. And these definitely don't just lie in the increased burden on the environment!

Online signature and its key benefits

Using an online signature brings several valuable benefits that will help you save time and money.

Easy document search

Do you need to find a contract or an application? If you've signed it online and have it stored digitally, just open your laptop, use the search function and it's open in seconds.

However, take the situation that you are still using traditional paper documents. In that case, you have no choice but to open your binders and search laboriously. The whole process can take you even a few precious minutes.

More efficient collaboration

If you collaborate with other colleagues and need to share documents with them, electronic document signing can again save you a lot of time. You can create a document on your computer, sign it online in seconds, and send it to other colleagues.

If you weren't using e-signatures, you'd have no choice but to print, sign, rescan and send each document. Perhaps needless to say, this approach is not only extremely time-consuming, but also environmentally unfriendly.

High document security

Surprisingly, sensitive documents are often safer if they are stored in a digital environment - whether in an encrypted cloud or on computer storage. When you create and sign them online, no one can physically get to them as they are password protected.

However, once printed, the documents become easily vulnerable. You can spill water on them, tear them or otherwise damage them. Not to mention that they can be accessed by people for whom they are not intended. This is also a major downside of printing and traditional signing.

Saving time, money and protecting the environment

The above facts show that online signature can help you save time and money in a significant way. It can also save you several hours per week, which you can use for more beneficial activities. Not to mention the fact that you don't have to print, buy new toners and so on. The result is a lower burden on the environment. An electronic signature allows you to set up a completely paperless office where all processes run online.

Two types of electronic signatures

If you want to take advantage of the benefits of electronic signatures nowadays, it is basically worth knowing two solutions - a qualified electronic signature (issued by the state) and an online signature from OKdokument.

Qualified electronic signature

To use it, you must have an ID card with a chip - eID. You can apply for a qualified certificate for electronic signature at the district police headquarters. You then need to install a signature application on your computer. When signing documents, you cannot do without an ID card reader.

A qualified electronic signature is important to be able to communicate online with the authorities, to receive messages from them in the form of e-mails and to send them documents - tax returns, applications and so on. However, it is practically useless for signing your own documents, which are not used to communicate with state institutions.

OKdokument electronic signature

You can use the OKdokument electronic signature to sign any PDF files. You don't need any reader or application. Just log in to your account, upload the document, sign it, download it or share it. You can sign from anywhere on Earth and the whole process takes just a few seconds.

PDF Sign OKdocument is suitable for companies and individuals working in various industries - staffing agencies, telecommunications, IT companies, automotive, energy, transportation, as well as many others.

How to get an electronic signature OKdokument?

The process to create our handy electronic signature is really simple. Simply register for free by entering a few basic details about yourself. You'll then get access to your account, where you can upload documents. You sign these with your own handwriting, via touch screen or desktop. The whole process is extremely intuitive and straightforward. You can also use the online signature request.

Security first

Of course, at OKdokument we take the utmost care to ensure maximum security. The electronic signature complies with the European Union rules for authentication, trust services and electronic signatures. In addition, the validity of each signature is guaranteed by a certificate based on the EUTL. Security is also supported by the function of locking the document after signing so that no changes can be made to it.

More than 3000 registered users enjoy our services, and so far we have helped save over 120,000 pages of paper. So don't hesitate, join our satisfied clients and make your daily work easier!