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OKdokument in financial services

Electronic signing of financial services contracts reduces the time it takes to conclude a business case from days to hours. The client has documents in their email for signature within seconds of creating them and purchases services from the comfort of their home.

Thanks to the online environment, you have a constant overview of the documents that have not yet been signed by the client. The contractual process and its authorization by the client happens in a single digital channel.

Time savings, better cashflow, legal binding, real-time overview.

How is OKdokument used in financial services?

Customers are going through a simpler, faster and easier to understand process and vendors have the opportunity to close more contracts and achieve better cash flow. 

Request an online signature

Generating a contract

Sending the application to email

Handwritten electronic signature by clients without setting up an account

Digital distribution

Notification of signature and change of status

Online signing during face-to-face meetings

Generation of contract

Document submission on a touch screen device

Handwritten electronic signature

Digital distribution

Notification of signature and change of status

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What documents do financial professionals sign via OKdokument? 

Client's investment strategy

Insurance contract

Consent to contract by electronic means

Protocol for financial service intermediation

Portfolio management agreement

Retirement pension savings agreement

Consumer credit agreement

Information on the processing of personal data

Information on financial intermediation

Document security

  • A certificate issued on the basis of the European Union Trust List (EUTL) guarantees the validity of every signature in the OKdokument service.
  • Protection against post-signature changes according to art. PAdES standard
  • Compliant with EU eIDAS and GDPR legislation


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