A new update of the OKdokument API version 1.2 has been released. What features does it bring?


At the beginning of April 2023, we launched the OKdokument API in version 1.2. This update brings several new features with it.

  • Added mandatory and optional tags

One of the new features in this version is the addition of mandatory signature tags. These tags allow users to specify exactly which signature fields must be completed in a document before the signing process is complete. In case of a mandatory signature field, the user cannot complete the signature process until the signature is executed.

  • The possibility of signing the document only with a stamp

Another added functionality is the possibility of signing documents only with a stamp. The stamp guarantees the integrity of the document and protects it from unauthorized changes. You can use this functionality to sign invoices and similar documents that do not require a handwritten signature.

  • Added support for dynamic elements, dropdown menus, text fields, buttons and checkboxes

Before inserting the signature into the document, the user has the option to fill in the text fields, select items from the menu or check defined fields. These data are saved in the document and locked after signing.

If you are already a user of OKdokument API, we would be happy if you try out the new functions. We believe they will make your signature processes even more efficient. If you are not using our integration yet, do not hesitate to contact us and our experts will be happy to recommend the most optimal tailor-made solution.

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