OKdokument API

The fastest electronic signature integration

Integrate electronic signing into your IT solutions and online applications.

Why OKdokument API?

Smooth electronic signature integration.


Quick integration without unnecessary complications? You are one small step away from an electronic signing inside your IT solutions and online applications.


Our API uses JSON technology for stable operation, implementation variability and ease of use in all scenarios.


Protect document contents by signing through OKdokument API with hash encoding, audit records and a digital handwritten signature data.

You are one step away from the fastest electronic signature integration

How will your business benefit from integrated electronic signature?

Signing documents exclusively within the online environment automatically brings several benefits for your company or trade.

Speed ​​up your online commercial activities

Your customers sign business documents strictly within your digital tools. This reduces the risk that the client will change his mind in the process.

Create a competitive advantage

The client experience is what sets you apart from the competition. Have an electronic signature solution ready, make it available for your clients at the right time and place.

API created for developers

Developers adore us. Integrate electronic signing in less than 1 week with a single tool.

Your customers stay in one place

Create a trusted channel to communicate with your clients online. Request signatures for important documents within your digital environment.

Described to the last detail

You will find detailed instructions, manuals and application examples in our technical documentation. Download a preview or contact us with a request for detailed instructions and access to the development environment.